Changing Faces: The Very Best of 10cc/Godley & Creme

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Changing Faces – The Very Best of 10cc and Godley & Creme was the first compilation that included all the hits from 10cc and Godley & Creme. The album featured sixteen tracks including a remixed version of "Snack Attack" by Godley & Creme, that originally featured on their 1981 album Ismism. The track was also issued as a single with an edit of "Wet Rubber Soup" from The History Mix Volume 1 on the B-side. The single failed to chart. The album was very successful in the UK reaching No.4 and achieving platinum status - selling over 300,000 copies, and was the catalyst to Polydor conducting market research to see if the public would welcome a new album from the band. The results were ...Meanwhile

Music Video Track listing

Godley & Creme "Cry" (Godley, Creme) 1985
Godley & Creme "Save a Mountain for Me" (Godley, Creme) 1982
Godley & Creme "Wedding Bells" (Godley, Creme) 1981
10cc "It Doesn't Matter at All" (Gouldman, Stewart)
10cc "Feel The Love" (Promo)
10cc "Dreadlock Holiday" (Stewart, Gouldman) 1978
10cc "The Wall Street Shuffle" (Stewart, Gouldman) 1974
10cc "The Things We Do for Love" (Stewart, Gouldman) 1976
10cc "Good Morning Judge" (Stewart, Gouldman) 1977
10cc "I'm Mandy, Fly Me" (Stewart, Gouldman, Godley) 1976
10cc "Rubber Bullets" (Godley, Creme) 1973
10cc "I'm Not in Love" (Stewart, Gouldman) - Shane & Kimberly Version 1975
10cc "People in Love" (Stewart, Gouldman) 1975
10cc "For You and I" (Stewart, Gouldman) (Frankie Crocker Version from early VH-1 Video Hits One) 1978
10cc "Life is a Minestrone" (Creme, Stewart) 1975
10cc "Art For Art's Sake" (Stewart, Gouldman) 1975
10cc "Donna" (Godley, Creme) 1972
Godley & Creme "Snack Attack" (Original Version 1981)
Godley & Creme "Golden Boy" (Promo)
Godley & Creme "A Little Piece of Heaven" (Promo)

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