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Záverečná scéna z filmu Black Hawk Down(Čierny jastrab zostrelený), asi jedna z najkrajších v celom filme. Nikto nechce byť hrdina, ale niekedy to tak dopadne - sgt.Eversmann

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  • Dľžka: 3:32
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  • Tagy: čierny, jastrab, zostrelený, black, hawk, down, eversmann, blackburn, hero, hrdina, nikto, nechce, byť, záverečná, scéna
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    Eversmann: I was talking to Blackburn the other day, and he asked me What changed? Why are we going home? and I said Nothing. That s not true either; I think everything s changed. I know I ve changed. [sigh] Eversmann: You know a friend of mine asked me before I got here; it s when we were all shipping out. He asked me Why are you going to fight somebody else s war? What, do you think you re heroes? I didn t know what to say at the time, but if he d ask me again I d say no. I d say there s not way in hell. Nobody asks to be a hero. [beat] Eversmann: It just sometimes turns out that way.